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August 2018

Please welcome our new neighbors! Savannah Wilburn & Parker Dryja

Please be conscious of rodents and snakes that are coming into our community with the ongoing development of Indigo Square behind Wando East. Snakes feed off of rodents. Rodents move into backyards because they are attracted to pet urine and food. Our expert from Trutech noted that copperheads are being seen all over Mt. Pleasant including Wando East. Trutec has placed traps along the border of our community. Bait boxes that will discourage rodents have also been placed along the bordering fence. If you see a copperhead, please call Graham at Trutec. His number is 803-220- 6490. Graham's hours are between 8am - 3:30pm

The Civil War is the single most important event in American History. Although no major battles took place in Mt. Pleasant, the town's proximity to Charleston contributed to its involvement in significant events during the War. One of the most significant of these events was the first successful submarine attack in history. Mt. Pleasant served as the secret training ground for the nine-man crew of the Confederate submarine CSS H.L.Hunley. On February 17, 1864, this small vessel was launched from Breach Inlet with the mission to attack and sink the USS Housatonic, a 12 Cannon steam powered war sloop on Union blockade duty. The Hunley sunk the USS Housatonic. Finally located in 1995, Hunley was raise in 2000 and is on display in North Charleston. Examination in 2012, of recovered Hunley artifacts suggests that the submarine was as close as 20 feet to her target when her deployed torpedo exploded, which caused the submarine's loss.

Please remember that on Pest Control Day and on Work Order Wednesday's , have your dogs secured.

BBF is checking behind the gates in the public areas. The only things that should be there are a brown trash can and a blue recycling can.

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